E46 to E24 Heater Control Valve Bracket


This bracket allows for the conversion of the original BMW E24 Heater Control Valve to a later BMW E46 valve. As the original E24, 6 Series (also E28 5 Series) heater control valve is no longer available and the refurb kits are not great, a good alternative is to use a BMW E46 (3rd gen 3 Series).

We have a complete kit coming soon with everything you need to upgrade to the E46 Heater Valve. Kit includes, New OEM heater valve,  mounting bracket, stainless self tapping bolts and clips and electrical connector.


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The bracket is laser cut from mild steel and power coated. The E46 control valve pushes directly on to this bracket using its rubber grommets and the whole assembly then bolts directly to the original E24 bracket. It is designed to locate the Control Valve as close to the bulkhead as possible and the best compromise for lining up with the original heater hoses.

The upper hose then fits directly to the E46 valve and the lower hose can be cut and then re-attached.




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