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For those of us who can remember the BMW 6 series when you could buy one new from the dealers (okay, when it was launched too!) must believe the E24 6 Series is still one of the best looking BMW’s made to date, yet never really made it to bedroom wall poster status, despite on occasion having been called the Bavarian Ferrari. I realise we may be a little biased, but I guess if you are reading this then you probably agree. I will add that the E9 3.0 cs, more specifically the ‘Batmobile’, to my eyes at least, hits top spot as the best looking BMW!

To us, E24 owners seem to fall into two groups the ones who want to keep them as they rolled out of the factory and the ones who want to modify, we could add a third group which in fact probably covers everyone here, those who would like one of each!

Fortunately BMW made enough 6 series during its 13 year production run to allow for a relatively plentiful supply of cars to cater for every one and those who wish retro mod won’t need to offend the purists. It also means there are still lots of decent cars around that should suit most budgets, though for how long we are not sure.

As E24 enthusiasts we have often found hunting down the right parts pretty difficult (even more so performance parts) so hopefully this is where we fit in. Our aim being to source or manufacture high quality upgraded parts from Ultra light big brake kits, suspension components to lightweight body panels that you can be confident will fit and work on your car.  Additionally as some OE parts become no longer available we will look to produce replacements that are often lower in price but made to or exceed OE quality.

August 2023

Xmoor Motorsport BMW 635 E24 S38B38